I don’t remember a time in his latter tears when you showed up at mom and dads house without the radio on and playing jazz from KMHD. Matter of fact, they had the radio on and playing jazz when they weren’t even home.

It was a house filled with music…. good music.

I remember when I was in college and was sports director at KMHD. I think I wanted that for the experience as much as I wanted that for the opportunity to send a message to dad that I would carry the torch. The torch of music from a time gone past and some of the best music this world will ever see.

For this… Dad… thank you!

The list…

Richard “Groove” Holmes – Misty

I couldn’t resist. Dad loved Misty, Richard Groove Holmes and the b3.

The Music Man (Robert Preston) – Ya Got Trouble

I loved loved loved watching this with my dad. It just seemed to make him happy. I watched the premiere of the Matthew Broderick version with him when he was in the nursing home just a few weeks before his passing.

Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade

Come join me for a walk under the moonlight in honor of the music my dad loved. Born in 1930, he got to experience first hand… the classics, the standards, the music that still remains today as some of the best ever. With the music of Glenn Miller, pick a song… any song. He loved them all!

Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

What can I say about my Dad and Gershwin. Another classic that reminds me of my Dad sitting in his chair tapping his fingers away as the song played on.

Mel Torme – Scat

Dad loved the scat! Here is a little Mel Torme…

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five

Take Five with me to honor another favorite of my dads in what would have been his 80th birthday…

Stan Getz – Autumn Leaves

I love this time of year as the color turns in the leaves upon the trees. Dad had more than his share of Stan Getz around the house. I took a walk with my daughter today and heard this song in the trees that surround my neighborhood and I thought of dad.

Walter Wanderley – Summer Samba (So Nice)

Let’s get organized was a classic LP around my house in the 70’s. Remember the old organ stores in the shopping malls? I always loved how someone was always playing them and you could here THIS SONG throughout the mall. Dad loved Walter Wanderley.

Count Basie – O’Clock Jump

Working the night shift here on Dads 80th. Count Basie. PERIOD. This song epitomizes the type of music Dad loved.

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra – Take the “A” Train

All aboard with the Duke, one of Dads favorites.

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture

Guaranteed tears in my eyes anytime I hear this song. I remember driving to skyline with my Dad one 4th and sitting with this song on the radio while watching the many fireworks shows lighting up the Portland sky. I hate that I can’t find a full length version to post, but… close your eyes and watch the fireworks light up the sky with me and Dad.

Victory at Sea – Main Theme

For mom on my Dads 80th… this soundtrack got plenty of play over the years…

Stan Kenton – The Peanut Vendor

Just a few more of my Dads favorites. thanks for letting me overwhelm your news stream with these videos in honor of what would have been Dads 80th. Here’s some Stan Kenton. Dad loved Kenton!

Pete Fountain – Do you Know what it Means to Miss New Orleans

It was later in my adult life that Dad made me aware of Pete Fountain. I am so glad he did. What a smooth clarinet player.

Glenn Miller & the Nicholas Brothers – Chattanooga Choo Choo

I loved watching my Dad listening to songs with that driving beat that literally does feel like you are on a train. The way he would move his hand to the music as if he was the conductor was priceless…

Erroll Garner – Misty

I close with this, the song and artist that more than any other… remind me of Dad. Misty by Erroll Garner. Erroll was in a class all by himself. I sure miss talking to Dad about the talent Erroll possessed. Dad… here’s to you!