Not only is November 4th my dads birthday, it is also that week, you know, that week that we cannot wait to get through so we don’t have to sit and watch all these campaign commercials.

Oh, that week.

By dad was skeptical of all politicians and it was fair game, too. Not sure he was ever in lock lock step with each of the major political parties.

My dad was a common sense kind of a guy. Though he was a fiscal conservative, (which doesn’t mean he was a Republican. (We have seen what both parties have done to fiscal conservatism.) Quite frankly, when he passed away, I think he gave up and just voted for Nader.

Suffice to day, dad was independent and would not let any political party own him.

That’s why it was always so fun to look at the voter pamphlet after dad got done with it.

When it came to those running for office, if he didn’t like them, he would simply mark an x over their face.

I think there were times when every last face in the book was crossed off. Dang, I laugh out loud thinking about him sitting there in his chair, all by himself with his blanket keeping him warm just crossing people off.

And, they weren’t just “ho-hum” x’s either. These were full on, I DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON x’s.

I loved that dad was one where you knew where he stood and he made no apologies for it. Shoot, born in 1930, what he experienced in the first 20 years of life is a lot more than many of us will experience in a lifetime.

I use these memories now to keep perspective and to maybe learn a thing or two about who I am or should be.

I know one thing is for sure, before I vote on Tuesday, I too, will be getting the marker out. In this, my dad taught me to know what you believe, vote accordingly regardless of party affiliation, and by all means… vote.

Thanks dad. I think I’ll take you up on that.