Both Facebook and Twitter came alive this past evening for one cause… that Mark Galligan would be found safe in Rome after disappearing for nearly 2 days.

It warms my heart that Mark was found and safe along with how many people who don’t even know Mark used their viral network to spread the word of his missing and to offer up their hearts and prayers.

I don’t post this to exploit the situation, but to praise the many who came together this night that simply wanted one thing.

Mark, we love you and rejoice that you are safe.

This just in… from OregonLive. (added to blog at 3:16pm on 10/29/10)

Update from Mark’s Facebook page gave this account of what really happened:

“I know Mark & Shyla’s story has made it to the media. We want to keep the facts straight. Mark was drugged, and robbed. Fortunately he was not injured, he did NOT go to the hospital. He ended up lost wandering the streets of Rome until the drugs wore off. At which point he found a hotel and used their internet to find his way back to his hotel and Shyla.”