I think we all need a day without noise more regularly in our lives. But, for some reason, we have all become way too addicted to the noise. We need it. We crave it.

As I type this, I am not typing this with the posture of being anti-social media, anti-music, anti-corporations, on a green living push, pro-environment, enticed by Eastern philosophy, or anything of that matter.

I type this because I am exhausted from all the noise. Plain and simple.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how you do it. I read your posts. I read your tweets, and I spend time in your blog.

How do you do it?

Or, is this just something we all crave, but very rarely discuss?

My fault in life is that I go in rapid spurts. I get busy and I take off. I get exhausted and I lay down. Everything in between needs to fend for itself. The in-between moments simply become a blur.

Sure, it looks like I am busy, active, and engaged… but, I am just exhausted.

And why not?

I need a day without noise and not just a token day once a year to serve notice to whoever that… well, you know all the over promotion that happens for things that simply need to be a lifestyle change, but instead, we settle for coming together once a year to feel good about it and then return to life as we know it. (Not that some of those events aren’t valuable.)

I need to lose my remote control. I need to put away my laptop, iPod, and phone. I need to get out of my car and maybe walk instead. I need to spend this day without jamming as much noise into my life as possible.

Life is too much like an all you can take noise bar and the result is that we generally take more than we need.

I need not spend this day laying in bed with the covers over my head. I need not spend this day wishing all my problems would simply go away.

I need to spend this day regaining my perspective. I need to spend this day listening.

Just the thought of that makes me exhale.

A day without noise is… simply put, a tech fast.

A day without noise to me is a day to regain my perspective of that which I face in life… of that which truly matters in life.

A day with noise to me is a day where perspective is something that is rushed and meaningless busyness, poor decisions, and missed opportunities are the result.

A day without noise is a day I need in my life… a day that I crave in my life.

Do you need this day, too?

What will you do on your day without noise?

p.s. could you imagine the impact this would have if you worked for a company that modeled this from the top down? (especially in this day and age when fear of losing ones job rules the day.)