As I survey this vast world in which we live and as we move towards a mid-term election for the future of this great land.

I am reminded of that which I have heard every last leader say over time as they seek to offer a hope to make change and a difference.

In this, I hear that question being asked from the halls of congress to the studios of cable TV and CSPAN to the stump speeches across this great land. And this question, which is to incite in all of us a desire or concern that we will leave this place in better shape.

“What kind of world are we going to leave our children?”

Yes, there it is for all to ponder and recall the many times our ears and hearts of heard and seen the lips of many, including our own ask such a question.

But, what my good friends have been the results?

Today, I ask you to join my campaign. I do not ask for your votes. I do not ask for a position of power. Today, I ask for your consideration to ponder upon making change. A change that is reflected by no longer just asking that “hallowed” question… a now overused campaign promise question…

Today, this very moment, we all have an opportunity to make change.

Today this change can be found in beginning to ask a new kind of question, a question that is in stark contrast to that which we have become all too familiar with…

“What kind of children are we going to leave our world?”

Do you see it? Can you hear it? What does such a world look like? What does such a today in our lives look like?

My brothers and sisters, this generation before us is a special generation. They are a generation of action, they are a generation of dreams and visions. If we do not begin to ask this question, who will be left to combat the challenges we will face in our future? Who will be equipped to face these challenges?

One child at a time, we can ALL make a difference. Today.

My friends, these children are not just the future, they are the today and often times I find that the difference between the children and us adults is that children still believe they can change the world. They are yet to see that which divides us. And that my friends is precious. Without preconceived thoughts and barriers of the challenges we face and with the faith of the child, I believe the children have the power to make walls come down, while us adults slumber in the land of paralysis from analysis. Kids simply say… just do it.

From the AIDS orphans around the world that are fastly approaching 20-25 million… to the children globally sewn into the global sex trade, to the children abducted by the sick minds of people with dark hearts… to the children living in the garbage dumps of Mexico… to the young man I saw recently waking up on the streets of Portland as he removed his makeshift cardboard box blanket and quickly ran to the nearest garbage can.

If I watch one more newscast that opens with story after story of another shooting, robbery, abandonment, arrest, rape, abduction, and molestation… I have had enough. Have you?

My friends… today we must change the dialogue. Today we must rise up and ask what kind of children are we going to leave our world?

Who will protect them? Who will mentor them? Who will listen to them? Who will encourage them? Who will befriend them? Who will not judge them? Who will LOVE them?

Today is the day.

We all play a role… one child at a time. My friends these children mean business and they are ready to make a difference.

I learned this first hand from my own child who is now 12. At age six, she had $30 when my wife asked her what she wanted to do with it. She simply replied that she wanted our World Vision catalog and pointed to the page that for $30 you could help a child that had been rescued back from being sexually exploited in the global sex trade.

Her explanation was simple and yet so profound…

“I am an only child and these are the brothers and sisters I never had. I feel like I need to take care of them.”

She is playing her part.

My friends, will YOU play yours?

“What kind of children are we going to leave our world?”

My friends, will you join me in this campaign? Will you pass this on? Today is all we got. In this, let us make our moments make a difference. Not only the future counts on it… the today counts on it.

I ask today not for your money, endorsements, or vote. I ask you today… for your influence and for you to use it wisely towards the youth of the nation.

Together, we can make a difference and yes, we can make that change that we hear everyone speaking of!

Today is our day. Will you join me?

Making a difference in the life of a child can mean everything from volunteering in your child’s classroom at school to mentoring to getting involved with agencies aimed to rescue the least of these around the world who are enslaved and exploited or abandoned and hungry. Volunteer on the local school board or find out what the local police and civic leaders are doing. Engage your community, but in this…. do not forget to engage… the children.

It all starts with you and your willingness to engage with an open heart this bright generation that stands before us.

If you think you have nothing to offer, think again. In doing this, you may realize that it is not so much about what you have to offer as it is about what they will offer.

In this, and in time… I believe that which they will offer… looks like hope. And not the empty promises of hope that only our best politicians can offer. I am talking about a hope that comes with no strings attached.

“What kind of children are we going to leave our world?”

I don’t know… you tell me.

How will you answer the child?

For information on mentoring, please check out the Mentoring Project.