Today I sat down in a Starbucks and met with a magician.

As we sat there, the magician shared with me about his recent trip to Portugal where he performed over 20 times. It was an amazing trip, but this time, something was different.

It seems that last time he went to Portugal, he didn’t realize the significance of making someone float. In that part of the world, black magic, etc. carries a lot of weight and apparently, making his son float really tripped them out.

He then continued to share with me about a time that he and his son stopped traffic along a busy road as they stood out in the field next to the road and performed the father son trick making the son float.

Excuse me? What? Did you say float?

I am starting to look around this crowded Starbucks to see if anyone else heard these stories. As I do this, I cannot get out of my mind one question… “How do you practice that?”

It makes me think about the X-Games. Those guys that turn tricks on their moto-bikes as they fly threw the air… that’s crazy sick. How do they practice that? Do they just decide to pull a triple flip while pressing their feet against their faces? Just seems nuts to me. How many crashes does it take to just say no?

In this case, does the son ever say, “not again dad… please” I mean, how do you float anyway? It either means you fall down a lot while practicing or I would think it would create a monster headache. That would be the only way I think it is possible… if you really hold your breath and make your face really red, I think somehow you will begin to float. Now, your feet might not leave the ground, but after you wake up from passing out, it won’t matter anyway.

He then shared with me about a recent TV special where an illusionist took an innocent bystander over to a dead pigeon. What? At first thought, if I was that bystander, I would be thinking… why?

But, the magician then raises the pigeon from the dead. I’m thinking, that’s crazy. He’s thinking that was the oldest trick in the book and that trick was a sinch. I’m then thinking… what? That must be some talented pigeon.

This was a fun conversation, one that you don’t have often. I wish he would have just started turning tricks on the people around us. What a kick that would have been.

I love a good magician. They make me laugh. But they also frustrate me because they can never reveal their secrets.

I guess that’s why my cat is really mad at me tonight. You see, I just can’t seem to get him to float.

* previously posted on my myspace blog in 2008.