“I will conquer this mountain and go to where the sky is blue.”

It was an early morning in Colorado as we quickly made our way from Colorado Springs to the Denver Airport.

Sitting in the back seat, I had a front row seat for a stunning sunrise that made the mountains look like cardboard cutouts in front of the sheer brilliant and crystal clear morning sky.

Ever since that one flight years ago while facing the reality that my father was dying to Spokane, Washington have I viewed mountains this way.

But, something was different about this morning.

The mountains seemed to have become secondary as my eyes raced past them without a concern and right to the coming blue sky of the day.

On that flight to Spokane, I simply placed my hand, palm up, against the window in the plane to make it appear that I was holding Mt. Hood in my hand. In that, it was a subtle reminder that no matter what mountains we may face in life, God holds those mountains in the palm of His hand.

With this today, gone was the intricate details of the mountain. Funny, when we face trouble, we spend so much time focusing on every detail to the point where it becomes so overwhelming we nearly paralyze ourselves from life.

Replacing this intricate detail is the sheer brilliance and beauty of the coming blue sky. Ironically, it only comes as the sun rises. For the sun must rise for us to first experience this blue sky.

Where once the mountain stood tall and proud, it now is simply a shadow overcome the by the light of a new day.

Perhaps this is the key to hope?

To where do you fix your eyes? For only your heart can take you to a place far beyond the capacity of your mind.

For me, I still believe God holds my mountains in the palm of His hand. It’s just now, after all these years…

I see what dwells beyond those mountains. My destination, and it sure looks blue.