“Hope causes light to burn brightly within the city streets of your soul.”

Is it true that while storms rage across the oceans surface, deep within the depths of that same ocean, these same storms go unnoticed?

Then, can it be said that too… of the soul?

In a world filled with so much to not be hopeful for, at the very mention of hope, it seems our ears perk up in hopes that we may catch a glimpse of it. And, when hope comes our way, we seem so quick to surrender to it, no matter that of the voice that carries it.

Like a tax collector who once climbed a tree or a lady who stretched out her hand through a busy crowd… if only for a glimpse, a touch, taste, or word.

And so I ask… what does a hope look like that could possibly shine bright within the city streets of my soul, so deep within?

It either has to reach through a lot of darkness from the outside, or… it strikes a match from the inside. …or both.

In a world dominated by diplomats, movie stars, politicians, lawyers, and fantastic orators, why do we continue to fall for it… hook, line, and sinker?

What is it about their voice or status that is so intoxicating that it blurs the lines of comprehension and discernment?

Sure, they may be able to reach down through all the darkness and grab me, but… they can’t carry me out. I can’t carry me out.

And yet, we throw our hope towards them in an act of desperation that surpasses any reason.

And yet, sadly, the same is said about the One we can cast our hope upon, which has already given us… much reason.

How did we confuse the two? Hope, I must have you.


Much can be learned from how one properly starts a campfire. For it is one thing for someone to start a fire, it’s entirely a different thing… to keep that fire burning.

Maybe that is what we should be looking for in a hope. Not just one that seeks to light the flame from the outside, but one that lights the flame from the inside?

For how often have we all found ourselves in a place with hopes shattered after such high expectations that this time… it would be different?

What cause does hope have to burn brightly within the city streets of your soul?

More than you may even know.

Why does the street lights within your soul keep going out?

There’s a difference between hope and Hope. Find it and perhaps you too, will experience this bright light that comes from deep within. And this time… it won’t go out.

This time, it has the power to carry you through your days not just based on emotion… but conviction.

This time…