“If the world fell apart because you took a moment to breathe, then maybe you shouldn’t have held your breath that long.”

This is going to sound a little strange, but, I think I am afraid to breathe. I think I am afraid of silence. I think I am afraid to actually hit the pause button on life and reflect.

With this, I know I have got down pat the concept of being a human doing. And certainly, one needs to be doing something, lest they will fall behind in a life that will lead to nothing.

What I struggle with is the concept of being… well, a human being.

If life is a straight line, then I almost always can be found to the far left of that straight line. Over there is where you will find all of us human doings. Sadly, you will notice that I said… almost always.

Meanwhile, the much wiser people are found weaving with precision from time to time over to the far right of that straight line. That is where all the human beings can be found at what seems to be increasingly… the right time.

Why can’t I seem to live life this way? Why does it either have to be full throttle over here or… full throttle over there? Where’s my rhythm?

I suppose that I put way too much pressure on my self to be “on” all the time and that if I let up, I will lose my ground. Or, the whole world will fall apart if I even just take a moment to breathe. So I think.

The truth is, by living this way, I am losing more ground than I even realize and I am potentially wrecking more worlds than just mine.

Perhaps I may find that to be an effective human doing, I must first be an effective human being. And there lies the problem.

I need to learn how to breathe.

My position of doing must first be driven by my posture of being. If we let our posture of doing drive our position of being, we will cheat ourselves of a whole lot of perspective in life. A perspective that could lead to whole lot wiser way of living life.

So, do you know when to do and when to be? Do you know when your doing could use a little being and your being is ready to do some more doing?

Stop holding your breath for a moment and exhale. There’s no need for another world to fall apart.