So, I am sitting there at PGE Park in Portland, Oregon getting ready for the Portland Timbers soccer match to begin.

It’s already loud, but through the echoing noise throughout the stadium, I hear an announcement asking me to text my name to a certain number and that winners would be announced in the 2nd half.

So, why not?

By the time the 2nd half started, the near sellout crowd was already in a frenzy, which is typical for a Portland Timbers game. They have the best and loudest fans in the league. It is  no wonder they are called the Timbers Army.

At some point in the midst of that 2nd half, I felt the vibrating of my phone within the pocket of my fleece jacket I was wearing.

Being that I was at the game and it was loud… and that the game was in play, I decided to look quickly at the number, of course, if it was family, I would answer it. But, I didn’t recognize the number, so, as many people do… you think… voice mail

A few minutes later, my phone was buzzing again. This time, it was for a text message.

The message read: “Sorry you didn’t answer your phone. For the Timbers.”

I was like, “What? Who is this?” Obviously, I still didn’t recognize the number. The response text read only… “KIA.”

My response was, “Do I still win?”

“Sorry, come back Thursday to try and win again.” they replied.


A. I am watching the game in the 2nd half. I am not answering my phone.

B. I am more likely to text, Twitter, or Facebook during a game than answer the phone. It’s just too loud.

Then again, maybe I didn’t hear clearly the rules of engagement for the game. Of course, that’s my bad. But, if you want me to text you to win… then do what everyone else does in the world… text me back.

So frustrating that I could have won something. However, with my luck, it would have been a KIA water bottle or something. Then again, the water bottle might be worth more than one of their actual cars, but… hey, it’s something and I would have gladly taken it.

I guess I don’t mind if they want to call me or not, but not during a game with no stoppage of play.

So, is this a social media marketing fail…. or not?

What say you?