It was an amazing morning at the Union Gospel Mission in Portland, Oregon. On a quick trip to the area, Staci Frenes made time to visit the mission to share her gift.

I love that.

No promotion here, just a person with an amazing gift willing to share her gift with some really cool people, who happen to be on the comeback in life.

Quite frankly, anyone willing to do that gets my support. But, even more so with this case, Staci is the real deal with some great music.

For that, I don’t often do this, but… I highly recommend her music as well as booking her for a live event.

Staci has the real ability to capture life… as it is.

In her own words on the latest CD…

“I wanted to gather together in one place some of my favorite songwriting demos written over the past few years for film, television, and other niche projects with some of my favorite people. I hope you enjoy them!”

I invite you to check her out on Facebook at:

Over the past decade, I have been pitched as well as have been introduced personally to literally thousands of artists. In this, Staci is one I truly have looked forward to any time I get a chance to spend time with her… and so should you.

Check her out on iTunes by clicking here.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this and allow me to introduce you to my friend Staci.