It’s a mousetrap of sorts.

In the modern day land grab that I like to call the social media consultant gold rush, I have found myself stopping along the trail more often. In this, and with all of the connectivity in the world available to us, it has become way too easy to lose sight of that which really matters in life.

I have touched on this in my recent posts, and even so, it is a discipline that I too, seek for myself.

This past weekend, I shocked even my daughter as I left for a two day speaking engagement… without my laptop.

Now, to be fair, I did have my phone. But, cell coverage was iffy and my battery actually lost its juice that first night.

Something really strange happened when my phone died… the world did NOT come to an end.

I even shocked myself when it felt so good, even for a day, to not be checking the email, facebook, texts, twitter, linkedin, and wordpress for messages. (I am certain I have forgotten something.)

It seems that to be a guru in this land grab, one has to play the part of a guru and appear to be on… all the time. If we don’t, we may just lose our footing and miss something.

However, in pursuit of this perception, I wonder what truly is being missed in the life of all these gurus, or… shall I say, noisemakers?

Point #1 – Take a break more often. Be balanced. Own social media, don’t let it own you.

But, how much more noise can we take in this discussion?

Of course, people do want to learn more about social media and best practices in using it. For this, that is why I started to help my friends learn as I learn.

But, in the midst of all the noise, I am looking for the “other” messages people are sending. And, if I want to hire them, quite frankly, these “other” messages may show me more about who they are and how they approach social media more so, than the typical “noise” tweets they send.

Perhaps my thoughts here are more than just the 80/20 principle I talk about with our social media messages? Perhaps it is more about the person, the perception, and what appears to be their priorities in life?

As I have said, social media is a community, not a billboard. With this, if I were to look at your last 50 tweets or Facebook status updates, what would I learn about you? Would I be able to discern what matters to you?

In those messages, is the person I want to work with. …or not.

Point #2 – Ease up on the constant RT’s of anything and everything social media. Do this in moderation. Focus on increasing your engagement with the community at large. Let your messages reflect your life and not that of a bot.

With that being said, let’s see if I can live up to it.