I am getting very dizzy. I am getting hit from every angle and it is spinning me in circles. Often times, I find myself confused as to which voice I should listen to, or even trust.

I am speaking of the new spam which seems to be coming from the very place that we hoped would have have led us away from traditional spam. This new spam, however, encircles a specific topic.

I recently “Googled” social media consultant and found over 18 million results…

It is a modern day land grab and what gets me dizzy is watching my Twitter feed 24/7 constantly fill up with links and blogs about social media strategy. Part of me wonders about those that are constantly driving this content. I wonder, how often do they take a break and actually put these strategies they are tweeting about… to practice?

I certainly don’t see any balance within their personal tweet strategy.

Now granted, I know I too, can get better at this. My number one goal right now is to improve my engagement with other tweeters. I don’t want to be the one that is constantly barraging people with links, blogs, and articles that are one sided in approach.

I want to tweet about my life, who I met, where I am. I want to engage other twitter folks, too. I want to read their tweets and respond to them. I want to ask questions, and I want to share ideas or encouragement.

I previously blogged about needing vision beyond our experience. In that blog, I wrote that this day and age calls for it.

However, with that said, we also need experience beneath that vision.

And this is what I see as lacking. If you want to sell me how good you are at using social media, then show me how good you are at using it. In this, I believe people are tired of theory and are excited about action.

Here is what I am challenging myself to…

To innovate new ideas and be an expert of all the rest within my field of choice.

This means, it is alright to share other ideas via tweet, Facebook, blog, and beyond. However, in the midst of this, how am I demonstrating an ability to innovate, think out of the box, or even an ability that I can drive this car I have been talking about?

Like other cultural icons and topics… sadly, it has become too much about being sexy in our approach and delivery. What we are missing though is that for many in society… they need social media and the ability to harness it to help their businesses survive. Simply put… many of us have lost touch with that reality to the point where our presentations don’t even relate.

When we seek to just be cool, sexy, cutting edge, and all about vision, we completely overshoot the runway and miss people by a mile.

In other words, there is a lot of people that need those 18 million consultants, but sadly, those 18 million consultants have no idea how to even communicate with them because they are all vision… and no experience.

Do you practice what you preach… or just preach?

…just sayin.