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Did I mean… floss? No.

I meant… Phlog. It’s a verbal blog via your phone. I suppose, a better way to put it is a podcast on the go. But, that’s just one of the cool things about iPadio. You can dial the number, punch in your code, and… talk. It will then auto upload your podcast and distribute you to your various social media channels, including iTunes. Pretty cool, eh?

It also attempts to transcribe your spoken words into a written blog. However, for me, so far… the results have been humorous. I suppose I’d better give it a break, it only just met my voice.

But, I like the potential here, especially if you are at an event where you can interview people, etc. for real time reporting.

Check it out and if you do jump in… be sure to spell it correctly. People might think you are crazy if you say Flogging.


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  1. Paul Lankow says:

    Do you remember Odeo? They used to offer a phone-it-in-on-the-fly service. Pretty cool. Rig up a small mixer, plug it into your phone, and away you go. Uh, no second takes though!

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