I have been thinking and writing a lot about messages and what truly are behind them. Perhaps you’ve noticed from my recent posts?

Today was one of those days where I found myself posting an update on Facebook that truly had me wanting to dig deeper into what was behind that update.

Yep, the very update that I myself typed.

With various social networking platforms available to us, too often, even our own messages are just simple fleeting thoughts of a particular moment. We know this because of the next few messages we send out or we read from those we follow seem to reflect life… back to normal.

It’s really quite comical at times as we are quick to lose the moment as we are quick to need to tweet the moment.

But too often, do we ourselves even take time to ponder more deeply as to what we type? Or, are we simply looking for instant self gratification by how many “likes”… “comments”… “shares”… “RT’s” we get… regardless of the depth of our words?

As if our response is…. “Right on! I’m with you brother!” and then return to trolling the feeds.

I sure know that I am guilty of this.

But, how did I get to a place where if I like the initial feel of something, without thought, I quickly RT it or LIKE it or SHARE it?

Don’t get me wrong, some updates and tweets warrant this. But, when will I truly begin to go beyond the initial response, and simply engage it?

Let’s face it, sometimes, that’s just what we are feeling at a particular moment. While others, they are just begging for attention, dialogue, engagement, or just plain action. Wait a minute, don’t all those words describe some sort of action?

Over the years, I have found that life is a three legged race and we need each other. We all have various experiences that we bring to the social dialogue that can help someone get through something quite dark and deep.

Three legged races are not three legged races unless we get connected at the ankle, place our arms around each other, and begin to walk.

As I have said before, social media is a dialogue… not a monologue.

What have you seen and read today that wasn’t so quickly Favorited, Liked, RT’d, or Shared? How did you engage it? What made you stop and pause?

For me, the time was right. The song was right. My mood was right to capture my moment in a status update.

That is an easy thing to see. But, the beauty is what lies behind that message for that which brings it to life.

Life was never meant to live alone. With social media… no excuses.

Listen, Engage, Encourage, Share, Come together, and Walk. (Hmmm, I know of some business leaders who could do more of this, too.)

So, what’s behind that update… oh, life. I’ll leave it up to those who want to engage it to reveal that which lies behind it.

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