…or are we way too busy racing through life to even notice?

With the explosion of technology and the ability to be connected with each other 24/7 through social media platforms, messages are coming at us from every direction.

Sometimes, it reminds me of Kung Fu Theater as the “good guy” character finds himself surrounded with ninjas flying at them from every which way.

I mean seriously… when do we ever stop and breathe? Quite frankly, for me… it has sadly needed to become intentional and not automatic. But, then again… is reaching automatic status even attainable?

Did it even ever exist? Would I recognize it if I saw it?

With this increased onslaught of messaging crossing our psyche, which many of us, of course… take part in as well.. it is way too easy to become numb to it all. Sadly though, I am willing to bet that in this midst of the mind-numbing amount of messages, many are stories that are screaming out for our attention, or at the very least… for us to take note of.

Many are inspiring in nature, while others… we may never know what’s behind them.

Some may come our way in the form of a tweet on twitter…

…while others may be in the form of a piece of litter in the most unlikely of places…

Do you ever wonder what’s behind certain things, or are we way too busy racing between things to even notice?

Maybe we need to slow down, open our eyes, and ready our heart?

Life comes at us fast and perhaps maybe it’s that which is behind things that’s ready to take our heart on a journey to places we would have never seen, but matter most.

Let’s commit to take time to slow down and read between the lines. Whether we’re trolling Twitter, Facebook, or even taking a walk in the park.

Everywhere… there is a message waiting for us. In this, will we choose to see them or walk on by?

Do you ever wonder what’s behind certain things? If not… maybe it’s time to start.