Electricity was in the air once again.

Not since my early years had I seen it in this place. With dusk slowly making herself known upon the sky above, the stadium was bright with character, once again.

As I surveyed the crowd of faces. I saw something that took me back to a place of my youth. It was… a good memory.

It was the mid 1970’s when I began visiting this place. Back in the day, we had to park in the doctors office parking lot just under the Vista Bridge and walk up over the hill and down the steep descent to the stadium entrance.

To a young boy, that was a long walk. To now, a middle aged father, it was a walk that led to many of fond memories… memories that I hope to share with my daughter. Perhaps along the way… we too, will make new memories?

As we stood and fixed our eyes upon the Stars and Stripes, I could hear something that took me back… I heard the echo.

The echo of the crowd singing the anthem.

As the game began, I saw it in this old place…

I saw character.

This was a Portland Timbers game and people of all ages came to watch, enjoy, and celebrate their team.

From the older man with a long gray ponytail in the midst of the Timbers Army to the new born that was two rows down from me…

I saw it. I saw something to cheer about. I saw life. I saw character.

O character, where art thou?

It has been too long since I truly saw you at such an event.

Like a BBQ picnic on the fourth of July, this was something to celebrate.

Heritage was on display this night. Perhaps not many see it that way, but for those who grew up here… they have got to be smiling….

… for she, is in good hands.