The sunlight breaks through the cracks in the trees that line this suburban refuge. I am drawn here by the sounds that quickly melt away the stresses of life and give way to a soundtrack that knows nothing outside of peace.

I feel guilty exhaling all of my stuff in this place.

But, as I stand here, something happens…. something that makes my shoulders release all their tension and causes my heart to begin beating in a rhythm that can only match that of creations pulse.

I come here for this. I come here to get away, only to find my way back.

It’s amazing what so easily gathers inside of us. It’s amazing how rarely we seek to release that which gathers so deeply within. Like dust on a mantle, stuff keeps piling up inside.

Why? We weren’t made for this.

So, I come here to breath. I come here to exhale. I come here because…

Stop… do you hear that? Do you see that?

Because I can’t remember what it was that was bothering me when I first got here.

It sure feels great to breathe again.

Perhaps, His creation was made for this?


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  1. Staci Frenes says:

    I can relate….there’s a poem I read one time that talks about ” finding peace among wild things” and it feels true to me. Something about surrounding myself with beauty that I have no control over, makes me surrender to it And makes me surrender the burdens I brought with me. I love that.

  2. Amber Gray says:

    My phone won’t let me see the video, but I can practically see it through your words. Awesome imagery. Sounds like serenity!

    I have taken some time this week to turn off the ipod, roll down the windows, & enjoy the view. Creation has so many unique mysteries to admire & praise God for. Thanks for sharing your walk!

  3. Erin Brockway Collins says:

    Early in the morning, the sun has just started to peek over the hills, I stand at the ocean and just stare…looking far into the horizon. All is still and I can talk to God or just breathe out loud and no one can hear me through the roaring surf. It’s bliss.

  4. saphyreplatypus says:

    Thank you for sharing, I love to escape back to nature to find my “nurture”. This weekend will be dedicated to just that!

  5. tOdd says:

    Well said…reminds me of bell’s ‘nooma’. Maybe that’s why I like needtobreathe so much 😉

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