The reflection of the sun off the choppy sea blinds my eyes as the wind whirls all around me. This is a beautiful day.

On my way here a day ago, I took a moment and stood along the banks of a stream that was weaving in and out of a forest that stood still, but for that same wind whirling about.

It is in these moments that I recall many pictures of my father standing in the midst of both places of serene reflection.

A quiet person by nature, I often wondered what was inside my father’s head. What was he thinking? He never said much or reflected much on what he was experiencing during those moments.

As I stand here now myself… I believe I finally understand what was whirling inside his mind.

The answer… not much. And, there lies the beauty of my father.

What was whirling through his mind was the pure enjoyment of slowing down and enjoying the moment.

Enjoying the moment has always been difficult for me. I have this tendency to constantly fill my mind with stuff, stress, and everything in between. This is sad as I imagine how much of life I have missed because I could never slow down enough to experience the world around me.

Maybe it was that moment a week ago when I was cutting my backyard with my lawn mower and discovered a frog hopping around by the side of my house?

Or, maybe it was in that moment when several hummingbirds whirled in and about my back patio as I sat there in pure amazement?

A man now whirls a tennis ball as far as he can on the trail in front of me. His dog, now in hot pursuit fetches the ball. Together, they make their way toward the sandy beach. He again, whirls the ball… I can no longer see them.

It’s weird to think that my father was my age when I was born.

Maybe his life too, led him to a place of knowing, wanting, and needing to slow down and enjoy that which was all around him?

I have been to this beach more times than I can remember. It sure is beautiful. Funny, I never noticed that before.

Perhaps, when I return home in a few days… maybe I will notice a few other things, as well?
I think i’ll stop typing for a moment… and enjoy this moment.