The wait is over and now… the conversation continues. This is a must purchase and would be a well deserved addition to your DVD library.

What social media has ushered in for marketers is what this movie will help usher in for faith discussions… a 2 way dialogue.

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One of my favorite parts of the LSU movie is when Dan visits a rally in San Francisco. The rally was being hosted by a very well known organization that holds Christian events for teenagers. Matter of fact, the events draw thousands of youth and has had some of the top music talent out there performing at them. While the students were demonstrating on the steps of city hall in the heart of “all that is evil” San Francisco, another group is shouting back at them. That group was filled with people from the gay community… (watch video below to continue story.)

…As the movie continues on this discussion with Sister Mary Timothy, you begin to hear a story of what shaped the life of this person… heartbeat. What is even more inspiring is the ongoing dialogue Dan kept with Sister Mary Timothy. (…post making of the movie.)

What inspires me here is that we all have a story, but too often, we don’t slow down enough to engage with someone long enough to hear their story. Instead, we are left to make snap judgements. And, of course, it is said, that which comes out of the mouth… is that which reflects the state of our heart.

In this, we find the beauty that can be found when we learn to stop talking and start listening and acting out in a way that most reflects Jesus and that not of ourselves.

Another part of the movie that had me crying my eyes out was when a local radio personality from Portland went to Africa with a group from World Vision. There, she witnessed acts not words. In this, there was left no room for doubt as to why people were helping the least of these… half a world away.

For me, watching the movie was like leaving an appointment with the eye doctor. It changed the way I looked at life and those around me. Suddenly, I just didn’t see that street kid wake up from a long night on the sidewalk and immediately rush to a garbage can to fend for a meal. Suddenly, I wondered first… what is his story? Does he have a family? How did he get here? (This was my regular experience when commuting across town on lightrail.)

How often are these our initial thoughts?

Without giving too much more away, I just want you to see this movie for yourself. But, please also invite some friends over to watch it with you. Dialogue is so much better when there is more than ourselves involved.

Click here to purchase a copy.

You won’t be sorry.