The other side of the father-less generation is… the father-less generation.

I have been thinking a lot about this recently. I have a good friend who has a book coming out on this topic later this year as well as also works with author, Donald Miller on his mentoring project.

When I read the stories, my heart breaks for these children without a father in their life. Quite frankly, in a grown up sort of way… it makes me think about my own father who passed away in 2003.

In my case, my loss was a part of life’s natural progression. As parents when we raise our kids, we do our best to aim them in the right direction. However, at some point… we need to let go of the arrow and hope we aimed well.

Sadly, for many kids… they don’t even get this chance.

But, what has stuck with me is what I am finding on the other side of this discussion.

Unfortunately, I am fairly confident there are no stats to support what I am about to say, but, there is another father-less generation out there that simply breaks my heart…

It’s a father-less generation of kids who have dads, live under the same roof, and yet still… don’t even “know” them.

With this, here is a message to me and other dads…

Put down the remote
Put down the cell phone
Put down the laptop
Open your eyes
Open your ears
Throw your watch away
…and figure it out!

You are a father… act like one.

There are way too many kids who don’t actually have father’s in their lives, and that is not their choice. Don’t be another stat.

With your child what are you doing right now to raise them right? To aim them well? and for them to know that they are loved?

It is not too late to begin.

No child should be father-less. Whether it be your own or through the amazing work of the mentoring project… we all have a role to play and I think… it is time for us to play it.