I always get wound up when the dogs are in my backyard.

Our neighbors behind us have this little dog that likes to instigate our dogs through the fence.

I get so upset because you can never hear that dog, only ours as they do everything they can to tear down the fence and have at it.

So, the constant battle day in and day out is to control the loud and sometimes deafening sounds of barking.

Sometimes i wish I could place a voice box around the necks of our dogs. Kind of like the one dog was wearing in the movie, UP.

It’s like… sometimes you just want to yell at the top of your lungs…. SHUT UP!!!!!!

However, one needs to remember… they’re dogs… it’s what they do. Stand down and let it pass.

While sitting in the living room looking out the front window, their eyes shift to and fro the landscape of the neighborhood outside. At the first sign of any movement, specifically from the neighborhood cats, who I believe like to taunt our dogs through the window, it doesn’t take much for them to go “ballistic!”

Of course, this just then leads to me wanting to go ballistic in seeking to quiet them down.

A few weeks back, alone at home, my wife heard a knock on the door. The light outside the door could be seen in the crack between the door and the wall which held the hinges.

It was a man selling magazine subscriptions.

As she opened the door, which she doesn’t normally do when alone, but did this time because it wasn’t entirely shut, the dogs crowded behind her launching into a barking frenzy due to the person standing on the other side.

The man selling magazines said he didn’t do dogs… turned around, and walked away.

Weeks later, she saw the magazine salesman on TV. He was arrested for forcibly entering homes and raping women, while posing as a door to door salesman.

The sounds of barking have never sounded so sweet to my ears. Certainly nothing to get wound up about.