So, this is it? This is what all the hype was about? This is what it feels like to be 40?

Funny, I feel the same and my house looks the same. However, I do have some projects that have been waiting way too long for my attention. And… I suppose that would go for my physical fitness as well, or lack thereof.

Seriously, this is it?

Yep… it sure is.

It is kind of weird thinking about how long my ancestors lived on average and then thinking that I have already lived half of my life. Of course, I say this knowing full well that every breath is a blessing and any moment could be my last.

Turning 40 in 2010 is different. With Facebook, you get to turn 40 with all the folks you grew up with. Or, at least those who haven’t unfriended you yet. In this, I wonder if our status updates truly reflect our experiences or even how we are feeling about reaching this “milestone” for an age?

For me, I have a sense of urgency that I have not yet experienced in life.

I have a feeling that is quite frankly reality in that it is high time to begin living a life on purpose. No more dress rehearsals. Though, they never were a rehearsal, it is time to put it all out there and hold nothing back.

Funny, as I think about this… it has everything to do with the things that people do not see about our lives. In other words, how do we live when no one else is looking? And… when we do do things that are valiant as well as spontaneous… how do we respond to our actions?

Do we shout them out for all to see how great we are? Or, do we do that which is most difficult… and keep it too ourselves?

40. Wow!

It is reality check time. It is gut check time. it is… fill in the blanks time.

Have we not yet determined what motivates us?

For me… providing for my family motivates me, living a life on Godly purpose motivates me, being a loving husband motivates me, being a roll model for my daughter motivates me, helping others motivates me.

However, with being 40, I am realizing the importance of being around a little longer should motivate me, too.

I am still laughing from a great line I got thrown at me a few weeks back in Dallas from a friend of mine. His name is Jerry Boykin. He is a General. He was one of the first members of Delta Force. He caught Noriega. He was over the operation that we now know of in movie form as… Black Hawk Down.

It was a late night of meetings for an organization we are forming when I rose to my feet and stretched.

I still laugh at what I heard next…

“Gunnar… you are going to have to get a larger shirt… or a smaller belly.”

That was so funny…. but, so true. I love that man.

So, let’s see here… living a life on purpose for others, should also include living a life on purpose for me.

Being 40 and three days old makes me grateful for all the people in my life. It makes me feel convicted that sometimes I am too busy talking about me then asking about them. I suppose in a true sense, living a life for others, really is living a life for you. We were meant for others, but rarely live that way.

Maybe that’s what the 20’s and 30’s were for? They were all about us. But now… it needs to really be all about them.

What motivates me at the age of 40 and three days? All of the above. And, how would I sum all of this up?

Love God, Love family, Love others.

When I get to 40 and 4 days old… I hope I reflected this well.