What’s happening?

The fight is on in the ongoing pursuit of getting people to understand that taking our old wineskin thought mentality and trying to make it fit into this new wineskin world of technology just doesn’t always work.

So, why do we try to make it fit? Why not try to, instead, seek to branch out and expand our mindset into this new world?

Quite frankly, if you take time to peel away what’s new around you, I think you may find that what you are actually peeling away, is all the STUFF we have placed in between us and our audience over time.

Seriously, between the good old handshake and the hard sales pitch… I think people are just flat out tired of all the in between, unless of course, it is authentic. I say this because I get the sense sometimes that people are always waiting for the other shoe to drop or for the hook.

“Just give me a sale, I will be in and out, and then… I will meet my quarterly numbers…”(which are way inflated and not to realistic for the customer, but… oh well) says the sales rep.

We the people are tired of this. We the people need a movement. A movement that is all about community and relationship. And not one that on the forefront is all about the sale, but all about what is best for the customer.

I spoke with a friend today in Atlanta who is a consultant and he mentioned it being all about the community and the relationship, too. Quite frankly, he gets it. But, sadly… many still do not.

You reap what you sow, so… what are you sowing.

If you sow community and relationship, then chances are… you will reap this as well.

And this, I believe, is the mindset in which we should approach this new wineskin technology.