I really like this show.

Having the incredible opportunity to run a multi-million dollar company for several years, I could not agree more with the concept of this show.

Being accessible to the reality of the frontlines of your organization is absolutely critical. However, some might add that they pay others to do that for them. For me, I say that is one big excuse!

The buck starts and stops at the top.

The day you become not accessible to the common folk who toil daily to execute the lofty objectives you lay forth, I believe, is the day the music died for your organization.

Of course, some might argue that you are an organization that is global and has a workforce in the thousands. Ok. But, I am still not going to buy it.

Being accessible doesn’t just mean waiting for people to come to you. Being a leader that takes the time and initiative to come to the people is a leader that clearly understands their competitive edge and most valued asset… the people.

I can tell you first hand how this can make a difference. I can also tell you first hand how this wasn’t a priority and the impact it had.

As a leader, isolation is scary. It leads to being out of touch. It leads to often times not getting the real lowdown as to how your organization is operating and the morale factor, which of course leads to productivity.

However, I can see why a lot of leaders don’t want to spend the time with their workforce…

Some are afraid of what they will hear.

Some are afraid of what they will hear about themselves.

Some are just plain numbers people and have no idea how to interact with others outside of their fields. They know people and like people, but have a hard time seeing or communicating to them like they are people… and not just a set of numbers.

Some, by looking at the policies in place, got to wonder if they even care about their people.

But, if with humility, leaders can begin to understand the power of being connected with their people and the impact that would make within their organizations, we could begin to see major productivity gains as the morale factor rises.

Make no mistake, just being accessible isn’t the answer. It’s who you are when you are accessible that matters as well as the fruit that is gained as a result of your accessibility. In others words, don’t try to make this token accessibility, it will be painfully obvious.

Are you a leader that offers:

vision, clarity, leadership, humility, care for the employees well-being/family, knows the names of the people in that picture that sits on the employees desk, a sense of humor, sensitivity, encouragement, motivation, and the ability to come along side and do the work along with your employees.

Do you make people want to work for you by how you treat them?

The buck doesn’t stop with those you have paid to be in charge… the buck stops with you.

So, when profits fall and productivity slows, maybe there is more to it? Maybe it is time for you to ask the question…

Yes, I believe you already know what the question is…

So, what’s your answer?

Because, we would sure hate to see a new show called… undercover employee.