“When one says one thing… let it be one thing and not another. Lest the other thing becomes the main thing.”

For whatever reason, these words came out of my mouth today.

For whatever reason, my mind has found itself lately dwelling on the power of our words. Sometimes they are deliberate. Sometimes they are without thought. And sadly, sometimes… they just lack everything in-between.

But, why on earth would anyone say one thing and yet, let their actions be another thing? Which then leads one to ask, was it deliberate or… did they just forget what they said in the midst of managing the situation? Sometimes, people say so many things that they forget what they said and to whom they said it.

Either way is careless and should be dealt with accordingly. Our words should be respected as much as we respect the ocean or fire.

Hence, we conclude, the other thing becomes the main thing and no matter how you arrive there, it is never a good thing.

Being deliberate here is one thing and tells you everything you need to know. Period… end of discussion. But, getting caught up in the web of one’s words is entirely another thing all together.

Quite frankly, when this happens…  life becomes miserable as you try your best to back track out of it and explain why things occurred not as was originally said.

People have hearts. People are sensitive. Truth wins. So, both start and finish there with your words. Chances are… life will be much more enjoyable.

And in this… the main thing will always be… the main thing.