Pick a coffee shop… any coffee shop, buy a drink, and sit back.

I’m not sure if it is because we are in desperate times or what… But, you can sure learn a lot by watching people pitch their services, goods, or themselves to others in such an environment.

I think it would be good for all of us from time to time to sit back and watch how we “pitch” what we got to others. In this, I wonder what we would see…

  • Would we see that we are long winded and never let the other person an opportunity to opine?
  • Would we see that our posture completely tells the other person everything they need to know about who we are and how we would be to work with or for?
  • Would we see that we use up every bit of space between ourselves and the other person across the small table from us?
  • Would we see that we are all about just taking up more time and checking another meeting off of our list?
  • Would we see that we look so doggone nervous or uptight as we move our legs back and forth and bounce our head and eyes all over the map.

“Wow, I sure am getting really good at the pitch.”

I am watching a gentleman right now tell this young female how great he is at spotting greatness in a potential salesperson. What’s sad is he is not doing anything to acknowledge the persons body language he is speaking to.

I get the feeling that she, if given the opportunity, could run circles around this guy. Although, the suit is a nice touch.

[pause] I need to sip my chai…

Sometimes I wonder what a pitch would look like that would tell us everything we need to know about how well we follow-up or follow-thru? Or, are we just always on to the next opportunity to sell, sell, sell?

Selling me something means nothing if I don’t see you on the other side.

If you find yourself across the table from me, take note… pitch from a posture of credibility and not from a posture of desperation, ego, or empty promises.

I and others are smarter than that, because it is you that we can spot a mile away. …not us.

Or, at least buy the coffee.