Speaking in parables is fun for me.

One of the most amazing lessons I learned over the past several years was when I was writing an article for a magazine on conversion rate and how with just a little more… you can get a whole lot more in return. In the article, it was chalk full of data. It also read like that.

Until one day…

A friend challenged me to write the same article, but this time… don’t use any numbers.

I can’t tell you how valuable of a lesson that was.

In some circles… all they want is data, data, data. And this is good. For, if we don’t know our business, we have no business.

But, what I find is that when presenting this topic… it is when presented in parable form that it really takes root and reaches the heart and soul of the audience. In this, it becomes much more of an emotional connect that then turns into a mission, and therefore… something much more sustainable than waking up each morning to meet and exceed our numeric objectives.

Albeit, we are still seeking to meet and exceed these objectives. But, our focus becomes much more than the transaction that happens in the store, but the impact that happens after the transaction once they leave the store based on how we treated them.

In retrospect, this is probably more of a message for those in accounting when working with us creative folk than it is for anyone else.

In this, either present your spreadsheets in a way that actually makes sense, or… give us creative folk some time to translate into a campaign for the frontliners to take hold of and run with.

I had always heard that Southwest Airlines did this well. If this be the case… is it any wonder why they were so profitable for so many years?

Of course, don’t get me wrong… in running a business… you have got to know your numbers and often times… in small business, you are the one wearing all the hats. But, even so… don’t be discouraged.

Turning numbers into parables has the power to turn that hill you are climbing into a mission not to achieve victory, but one climbed already from a position of victory.