I have a long name.

14 letters spells gunnarsimonsen, not to mention the “@” symbol. In this, I better focus on what I am trying to say in as little amount of words as possible if I would like others to consider re-tweeting me.

With Twitter, you get 140 spaces. That’s all. When you tweet, do your followers spend more time trying to understand your message than they are pondering your message?

I remember the first magazine column I had. I was given 500 words. Of course, the first draft always had at least 1500 words. This always caused a brief panic until I learned the value of this.

How can I say what I just said in 500 words? That’s 1000 less words!

In the end, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I learned to cut through all the meaningless speak, paint a picture, make a point, and call one to action.

It sharpened my message. It focused me on what my point was.

In the end, it was clear, concise, and offered the reader to perhaps take quick action of it, or at least… spending less time trying to understand me and more time pondering the meaning.

A posture of victory can often times be a lot more achievable when the message is to the point.

In the movie, the Cinderella Man… the press asked him what made the difference, why was he all of a sudden winning his fights? His response was simple… he understood what he was fighting for… the milk. Once he understood that and embraced it, he approached each match with a posture of victory before the bell even rang.

What are you calling people to?

Focus your message and don’t just hit send. If 120 is the new 140… how will you use each space?