So, you are telling me that you only have a short second to hear a customer tell you of a frustrating experience?

I honestly could not believe that I actually had to say that.

All I really wanted to share was that my family had waited nearly 15 minutes for someone to come greet us at the front door.

Now, I know that most people would have either left, or taken the time to go find somebody. But honestly, should WE really have to go find somebody. The whole point of going out to eat was to be served. However, we did move around the corner a little to catch the eye of anyone, just anyone. And, by the way, we waited because we had a $25 gift certificate.

Finally, another couple came in to dine and they too began to wait. This time, the guy nearly walked into the kitchen to get some attention.

When we were finally greeted, there was no acknowledgement at all that we had been waiting. Just the normal… “How many?”

But, this of course was just the beginning. We then sat at our table for another 5 minutes waiting for someone to come by and at least offer us water. All the while, staff circled all around us lighting candles and straighting silverware, or something.

When we finally had our server come to our table, the first thing out of their mouth was…

“We are all out of the prime rib and the number 2.” The beauty was that it was delivered in this depressing, monotone voice as to say… “How are you doing tonight? We are so happy you are here!” Kind of eeyorish like. No need to say hello at that point. Just tell us you don’t like to work here.

So, we left. We even considered giving our gift certifcate away to the couple that found the service for us.

On the way out, I grabbed a card and decided to call back from the car. And that’s when I heard that I had a short second to share with the boss our experience.

So, where do I start? Again, I could take the time to point out what is wrong with this picture. But, I want to have some fun… I would like you to point out what is wrong with this picture and give some suggestions on how you would remedy it if you were in charge.

BTW, Three restaurants later, we finally settled down. It’s so hard when you are in the service business. Your expectations are high. But, will you stick to them?

Thanks for letting me opine. Sometimes what is most learned is that from the form of real stories.