When I came to work for my company, I had asked in the negotiation stage that they pay me $6.50 an hour instead of the $6.25 they offered me. I was previously making a little more in the formal wear industry. But, let’s be honest… I was on a road to nowhere. Before that and for a short while, I found myself in charge of garbage one summer at the Clark County Fairgrounds.

So, newly married to a wonderful woman who was in management at Nordstroms, I launched into this non-commission hourly paid sales position heading up one of the departments.

Without much training at all, all I had was a passion for what I was selling and the gift of gab to relate to the store customers. Because I was passionate about the product, I was also passionate about continually educating myself on all that was available in the genre. Along with this, I also had a heart to get to know each of our customers by name as well as their own personal tastes in that which we were offering.

As I look back at this now, which was nearly 14 years ago… I wonder where this type of employee is now? I wonder why businesses have settled for so much less in their own hiring processes? For sure, part of this is the age old statement of… “A desperate employer and a desperate job candidate equals disaster.”

We never seem to learn do we? Or, we just simply place people in these positions with the ability to make hiring decision without the proper training or experience to make a good decision. Oh, if we could only calculate the costs of turnover.

10 years later… I was in charge of that company.

Dear Mr. Business Owner…

Don’t ever skimp on the quality of  employee you seek.

Don’t ever skimp on the quaity of training you give them.

Isn’t it amazing how simple this is and yet… we come up with every other reason why a company could fail or not fail in this day and age. In the end… is it the employees fault or the owners? In this case… what say you?

Please check back often as I will continue to unpack my story from the front lines to the front office.