toilet“Please do not put paper towels in the toilet” read the handwritten sign posted on the paper towel dispenser in the restroom of a teriyaki chicken restaurant. Standing there, I thought about the time when my wife and I managed apartments and there was that one tenant…

It seems at least every other day we would receive a call from the young mom. Her son was maybe 4 at the time. Nonetheless, we kept getting calls from her to come and unplug her toilet. At first, it seemed too easy. I mean, she didn’t have a plunger, so…I got her a plunger. But, that didn’t seem to stop her from allowing her boy from continuing to stuff entire roles of toilet paper in the toilet. Of course, this was after he went to the bathroom. You can imagine the stench and the visual of this plumbing gig. After the third or fourth trip, I was at my wit’s end. How can this be? Come on lady, get a grip on your child!

Standing there reading this handwritten sign in the restroom of this teriyaki restaurant, I thought back to that time about ten years ago. I wonder if a better solution to help unclog the toilet would have been to handwrite a sign too that read the same? I could have posted it on her bathroom wall.

Perhaps, in this lies the solution and the very art of unclogging toilets…

It’s preemptive, it’s strategic, and maybe it would have gotten the job done…

“Please do not put paper towels in the toilet.”


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