I sat there updating my FB status via Twitter. It doesn’t happen too often any more, I thought as I glanced up to see that gas station attendant cleaned my window while he was pumping my gas. When he was done, I thanked him for cleaning my window. He simply paused and then wished me a Happy Good Friday. All I could say in response was, “Reflect.”

I go to this particular gas station at least every other week. This was the first time I had seen this guy and not once previously had anyone taken a  moment to clean my window.

This morning was different. And, let’s be honest… how often do we actually tell or be told…”Happy Good Friday”?

Point being, this guy knew what he was saying and he knew what motivated him to go the extra mile. And, quite frankly… don’t we all need someone to help clean off our windshields from time to time?

For me… maybe it sounds like I am over-spiritualizing this, but, I sure needed my “windshield” cleaned as life had seemed to get so vision challenged lately.

It is funny how I believe God can use  a simple act like this to speak to us and to encourage us.

Oh if the church could grasp the scripture that we love others because He first loved us. It really is quite simple. But yet… our vision gets so impaired and we can be so judgemental. Love knows no bounds.

Otherwise, why could we claim the cross for our selves on such a day?

The fact is… I need what happened on that cross and I needed that simple act that was no doubt inspired by the cross.

With this now fully accepted into my life… how now shall I live?