Christmas Truce
On Christmas Day in 1914, German and British troops held a temporary ceasefire known as the ‘Christmas Truce’. Both sides sang carols, exchanged Christmas greetings and gifts, and there are even stories of soccer matches taking place. In the above photo, German troops decorate a tree in their trench.

In this day and age and nearly a century later… I wonder what the other side looks like?

In this, I often ponder…

Would they sing with me? (even for just a day)

Being 40, I remember the 80’s quite well. I remember the Cold War. I remember Lake Placid and YES… I do believe in miracles. I remember when the wall came down. I remember Rocky IV.

I am sad that hate is still being taught. (But, isn’t that life in a fallen world?)

In this, it’s time to teach otherwise.

Often times, I watch TV and see how many people in other cultures appear to hate me.

In response, all I can say to them is… come sing with me.

But… Is it really them or is it their leaders that oppress them with propping up an enemy to always fight against in order for them to remain in power and impoverish their population leaving them with no hope at all for a future while they live in palaces unaccountable to the masses?

If it is you who is living under such oppression…. sing, sing loud… for a harmony is eagerly waiting to join you.

I spend much time reading news stories and the comment threads that ensue. Sadly, I do not need to travel to other cultures in the world to see the same type of language and insults cast upon one another here in my own country. Who says that because you vote a certain way or believe a certain thing that somehow this characterizes you as a hater, intolerant, racist, and evil?

It’s time this land of the free learns how to sing again.

If you are here in America and you can hear me. If you have any part of a voice left… sing, sing loud… for the voices of many are ready to join in.

But yet, even still, as I sit here in silence and ponder… would anyone ever even want to sing with me? (even for just a day)


No matter who will… it is better to sing alone, then to not sing at all… for a harmony will always find the song.

* I pulled this blog post from 2008. I kept the top picture and caption, deleted the rest, and ran with it today at a coffee shop. I just got Joyeux Noel in mail from Netflix today.

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