ornaments1Don’t they know it’s Christmas time at all? My guess is… hardly. That’s funny, because I feel the same way. It seems like each year goes by faster and faster and with being involved in retail, it comes and goes before you know it.

Tonight was to be the night when my family returns home after a week away due to water damage and the like. Well… it was, but….

Making a last minute trip to the store and finally home with the family and maybe, just maybe… a little piece of Christmas before the season runs out of time at the drop of a ball one week from now.

The cars ignition is locked and no matter how hard I try… it will not unlock. After an hour of this nonsense, I bag trying and go home. After a wonderfully refreshing walk with my grocery bag in tow, I return with wife and daughter, but to no avail.

Can one more thing go wrong?

This thought paralyzes my thoughts as we head back home dejected from the car not working.walkingawayfromcar

One final walk to the car leads to getting towed by a guy who was on call and finishing up celebrating Christmas Eve with his 10 month old daughter.

It was bad enough having a lousy night and week… now I got to spread it to others as well?

He was cool though as he, for some reason just opened up about the year he had had.

For one, he got his girlfriend pregnant and when it was time to have the baby. She had the baby, and then after doctors orders, she split 90 minutes later. After several months of fighting with the system, he won full custody.

But, that wasn’t all to his story.

tow-truck1It seems that prior to that girlfriend, he had dated a girl for 11 years. She was one he had known since their early teens. But, after 11 years, he caught her doing something not nice. Shortly after, the person she was caught doing something not nice with was doing something not nice to her by way of knocking a tooth out and bloodying her pretty bad.

Well, in walks the tow truck driver on that situation and if it weren’t for his ex not pressing charges on the guy who was not nice to her, the guy who was not nice to her did not press charges against him. Lucky thing as he nearly killed him and instead of being a father right now and towing my car… he would have been doing hard time in the fed for at least another five.

When I got home, we just smiled with the thought of… what else are we going to do? And began to open gifts as a family.

Not entirely stressed at all with regards to what’s next with the car and that we still need to fix the cabinet under the sink, we enjoyed our time together.

Come to think of it… maybe it’s Christmas time after all? Was this my Christmas miracle in realizing that this too shall pass and perhaps this is what the song means when it is sang… a weary world rejoices? And that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

He came to be with us. He came to walk with us. He came to show us the way. He came to encourage us. He came to grow us. He came to stretch us. He came to lead us. And He came to die for us.

Ahhh, life’s not that bad. Last I checked, there were still only one set of footprints.

Feliz Navidad people! Again… Feliz Navidad! It is during seasons like this and tough patches like this that we remember the Greatest Gift ever given.

No matter what we may face…

Christmas is STILL and ALWAYS will be Christmas.

I guess it comes down to whether we choose to receive this gift or not.

I’m glad I did . Not sure how I would have made it.

Peace to you!