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The Workshop:

What I do: Seeking to unlock the frozen perceptions of social media and invite people to view it through a different set of lenses.

Just because you are using social media doesn’t make you relevant. How you use it will.

In our upcoming social media training workshop, we will discuss the growing power of social media while also looking at essential strategies and emerging trends that will allow you to best harness the power of this medium.

With this class, we have 3 simple objectives:

  1. Unlock your frozen perceptions of social media
  2. Invite you to view social media through a new set of lenses
  3. Provide both tools and ideas to help the attendee apply the lessons learned

With this social media course, we will discuss the current critical platforms people are using. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) In this discussion, we will look at them with a new set of lenses that will allow us to be able to construct a strategy that can effectively leverage these tools.

We also discuss content marketing and how we tell stories, awaken needs, and offer solutions.

Simply put, I aim to take people from strategy to logistics to tactics to execution of a plan. In doing this, we take the attendee of a workshop or client from unlocking their perceptions of social media to viewing it through a new set of lenses to effectively using it. It is critical we do this as to best setup the attendee or client for long term success.

I invite you to please join me for this very special 3 hour workshop that I believe will unlock your potential and bring the world to you.

This class has been attended by people from all walks of life. From the CEO to the small business owner to the non profit organization, as well as those interested in learning more about how to use these tools effectively.

Over the past year alone, we have taught this class in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Surabaya, Jakarta, Nairobi, Dubai, Beirut, Colorado Springs, Vancouver, and Portland.

Please join us!!! Looking forward to the journey!!

Reviews from international tour of workshop:

“Receiving Gunnar’s Social Media workshop in Surabaya Indonesia was a true inspiration and a serious eye opener of possibilities available to the serious who want to know how to use social media as a medium.” – Paul Hamel (Surabaya, Indonesia)

“Gunnar’s workshop increased my curiosity to use Twitter in Hong Kong and I’m diving in now.” – BS Cheng (Hong Kong)

“Social Media is the next true power you can rely on in this new era. Just name what’s your project and you will get it! Thanks Gunnar for this eye opening technique you shared on your last visit to Indonesia the other day. Success always!” – Lathifah Ambarwati (Surabaya, Indonesia)

“Understanding the full potential of Social Media enable us to increase our efficiency in communication & relationship that is critical for disaster response.” – Inban Abraham Caldwell (Surabaya & Jakarta, Indonesia)

“Gunnar’s Social Media workshop has opened my eyes to see social media not as just a media to talk about my daily life, but a lot more than that! it really helpful for me, I believe for many other people too! – Deky Junaedi (Indonesia)

“Social Media Seminar by Gunnar has helped me to see the great potential tool that I can use to connect with many people with the same passion,vision and mission in life,and also to share many benefits to the people around me so that I can interact and act together to gain positive things to the world. “ – Christopher Andios (Surabaya, Indonesia)

“Gunnar is a great communicator, and he does that with such a great passion especially for social networking. It almost looks like it runs in his blood, his lifeline. He is very resourceful, and I really appreciated the resources he gave for communicating effectively. He is very encouraging, and can almost make a non-IT savvy person to get on to social networking without any trouble. I was particularly thrilled to see all the ‘oldies’ with little /no internet and social networking knowledge, getting onto Facebook and twitter just like that. That to me was amazing! With Gunnar social networking is possible!” – Peter Shankar (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

“Gunnar has increased HISG’s exposure through Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools by over 1,000% in the last 3 months!” - Michael McCausland, Executive Director of

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  2. [...] GunnarSpeaks about me, about others, about action Skip to content HomeAboutMusic for LibyaOn DemandSoMe ShortsStrategistics: The BookWorkshop/Consult [...]

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